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Now that the holiday cookie jars are all empty and the glittering lights on the Christmas trees have been neatly put away, I guess it’s time to start talking about New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not really that big on having a resolution for the New Year, because I honestly don’t think we should wait until January 1st to start trying to fix bad habits or to spruce ourselves up. But since I, like the rest of the world, keep getting asked the question, I figured it best that I give it a once over in my mind.

This year I want to better myself. I know that sounds like generic statement but it’s how I feel. I want to take piano lessons, practice my French, see my girlfriends regularly, read more books and to spend more time on self care. Last year was so busy with work, and I felt really grateful, but it also meant that it took me longer than I wanted to return my Dad’s phone calls, and spending time with my loved ones didn’t happen often enough. I hope to find a better work/life balance in 2019 and to spend a little more time unplugging from social media and doing the things that I love.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Thanks so much for following along, your support is so greatly appreciated today and always!

Xoxo -E

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  1. i stopped making resolutions a while because i never do it lol 😂…it used to be “always” about losing weight and i never win 🤦🏻‍♀️…so i just stopped 😜…
    maybe this year i’ll make one. and that’s to love myself more ❤️

    1. Haha I’m guilty of that too. I struggle with my weight but it’s something I’ve learned to make a part of my everyday life instead of doing crash diets. Sometimes I get so sick of it and take a break for a week or two.

  2. i hope you get to find a better balance between work and fun this year! Happy new years too you and oh, you look so freakin’ gorgeous!!

  3. Mine is to be nicer to people who hurt me, or to people who are taking their bad day out on me… meaing when the lady at walmart snaps at me for no reason unstead of me getting a attitude and snapping back …im going to try and stay in control of my own emotions … my new motto for 2019 kill them with kindness…

    1. That’s a great resolution, Maria! Forgiveness is such a tricky thing, but it always feel like a weight is lifted once you forgive someone. Good luck lady!

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