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Flickering camera lights, tuxedos, grand ballrooms, heartfelt speeches and flowing gowns – it must be award show season! With awards season in full swing, I couldn’t help but get all of my best friends together for a little viewing party! Of course, no red carpet party would be complete without red carpet attire! As much as I LOVE a gown moment, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the menswear trend lately, so this tuxedo seemed like the perfect option for watching the stars sparkle down the red carpet. Chloe Wine, with its alluring and sophisticated grape varietals, is always a crowd-pleaser. I opted for their crisp Pinot Grigio to serve my guests, but I always make sure to keep my fridge stocked with it, for the occasional, impromptu dinner party. I love that Chloe has 8 premium wines developed by their acclaimed wine maker, Georgetta Dane, so I’m always sure to find something extraordinary that everyone likes. Finally a wine that is as chic, elevated and intriguing as the people you’re serving it to!

Hosting friends is something that I love so much, whether it’s an intimate group of 4, or 15 girls and their handsome dates, I always revel at the opportunity to be surrounded by good company, hours of laughter and great wine.

Lastly, the only thing cooler than hosting an award show viewing party at home is going to a red carpet event. Chloe Wine is giving someone that chance – visit this page to enter their sweepstakes for a chance to win tickets!

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  1. First of all, I love the concept of this event and your outfit is really something to look at and the food is amazing. The drink is definitely we had all wish for.

  2. Sincerely speaking there is a ;lot of art in play in these outfits. The design took a lot of insight. Any woman on them would certainly look elegant and fit for cross purpose occasion.

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