Dress: Parker, Earrings: Icing, Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray
Photos by: Jonny Villanueva
Hey Guys, happy Monday! 
Two weeks ago, I spoke about my hair struggles and my need to find a solution to healing my overly-processed strands. Since then, I have been incorporating the Living Proof Restore system into my daily and weekly hair regimen and boy have I seen a difference.  My hair is naturally curly (which you can probably tell from the above pictures) so I typically wash it about once every four days. Now after each wash, I spray Restore Perfecting Spray throughout my hair and comb through and it not only protects against heat, but it also prevents hair from breakage when it is most vulnerable – when it’s wet. Brushing your hair post shower may seen like a harmless task, but it’s actually one of the times when your hair is most susceptible to breakage. Since incorporating the Restore Perfecting Spray into my regimen, I’ve been seeing fewer hairs in my brush, which can only mean one thing — less breakage and stronger strands. I have been skeptical of products before because they all claim to improve hair health and to protect it against heat and breakage, but Living Proof’s Restore products and Restore Perfecting Spray really do. If your hair is in desperate need of a health shot or an all round pick-me-up this product will do just the trick. 
Thanks so much for stopping by and to Living Proof for sponsoring this post. 
Xoxo -E

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