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In the days leading up to New York fashion week I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up, since I knew that I would be venturing out into the city where my days would be long, my meals would be inconsistent and my diet would be non-exsistent. I decided to do my first ever juice cleanse. Juicing isn’t something that’s new to me. After the holidays I like to make homemade green juice, by blending celery, cucumbers, kale, spinach and lemon juice. I replace one meal a day with the juice and it helps my diet to get back on track. But this time, I was doing full on juicing — three days, no solid foods. In the morning, I kicked off the day with my go-to “Greens 1” before moving on to the refreshing “Citrus 1” drink that had the perfect amount of lemon juice and cayenne pepper. I chose Pressed Juicery’s Cleanse Three because since I’m carb sensitive, I wanted to focus more on vegetables and less on fruits. During the cleansing process it’s important to drink lots of water to rid your body of toxins. So after my first 2 drinks of the day I had one bottle of water before moving on to my next green juice. “Greens 2” contains apple so it had the perfect balance of sweet and nutritious. “Greens 1” is up again next and it’s about as healthy as a green juice can get. This is the point where I started to crave the delightful taste of my daily dose of dark chocolate on my tongue. I’m only human. When these cravings did hit me, I was armed with delicious herbal tea in a great variety of flavors. It was a simple and absolutely necessary distraction. I finished out my day with “Greens 3”, a beautiful blend of apple, green juice and ginger, before getting to enjoy a little dessert. Well, kind of. The Vanilla Almond milk is special. It’s milky, sweet and delightfully refreshing, the perfect reward after a day of cleansing.

After my three day cleanse with Pressed Juicery, I felt healthy and revitalized. Sure, I was hungry in the beginning, but after the first day you get used to the juices and find yourself excited to drink them. It’s definitely something that I want to try to do a few times a year. You can order their juices online (nationwide delivery!) or go into any one of their 13 So Cal locations, including the one that just opened in Old Town Pasadena!
Thank you so much for reading! 
Xo -Elizabeth 

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