Turtleneck: ASOS, Dress: Khosla Jani, Coat: Carolina Herrera, Earrings: Bauble Bar via Nordstrom, Hat: Halogen via Nordstrom, Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Photos by: Karston Tannis

New York City sparkles, yes, even on a frigid winter day the city still has a je ne sais quoi that keeps me coming back again and again. A few weeks ago, it dawned on me that I hadn’t been to New York in over a year, so I thought to myself, why not book a trip? And just like that I was packing my bags and boarding a plane to the big apple just one week later. While my husband can certainly do without my spontaneity, I can’t help but crave a little adventure sometimes. I was only in New York for 3 nights but it was so fun to catch a few New York Fashion Week runway shows, seeing a broadway play with my girlfriends and shooting photos with the ever so talented Karston Tannis, aka Skinny Was here. He brought me to this incredible rooftop, and we captured these pretty photos from 20 floors above the hustle and bustle of the City that never sleeps. When I got to my hotel I saw that it was raining so I decided to wear this yellow Carolina Herrera coat in the hopes that the sun would come out and it did.

Already missing the heartbeat of NYC – I won’t wait so log to visit next time!

Xoxo -E

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  1. I can’t imagine that I could get away with wearing this color but it looks really good on you! I’m always afraid of trying new colors.

  2. Your photos are awesome! The dress is so fitting for a big city like NYC, and the jacket was a perfect addition. Great pairing and the yellow seems like just the right color to go with the black and white. Love that you got a picture with a taxi cab, I think it is very fitting with the outfit.

  3. Oh wow, you’re stunning in this outfit!!! I’d love to do something and wear something as elegant as this.

  4. “New York City Chick”
    The name and the fashion almost a contrast! The fashion itself looks perfectly respectable and appeals to wide audience.
    Infact in Africa decency demands elegant and long dressing.
    “New York City Chick” got it right across the globe

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