(Dress worn as) Top: Michael Costello x Revolve, Skirt: ASOS, Earrings: Free People, Shoes: Mary Kratzanou (old), Product: Olay Luminous Whip Face Moisturizer
Photos by: Jonny Villanueva

This post is sponsored by Olay, but all opinions are my own.

It’s time that I finally spill the beans on my latest beauty secret! I’ve been using Olay’s Luminous Whip for the past two weeks and it’s quickly become something that I just can’t leave home without. I’m usually pretty set in my ways when it comes to my makeup routine and since I have oily skin, applying creams before putting my makeup on is big no no, or at least it used to be. Olay Luminous Whip moisturizes and brightens while minimizing the appearance of pores and since it goes from cream to liquid on contact, it absorbs instantly and doesn’t leave behind a greasy finish. What I’m left with is smooth and supple skin and a poreless matte finish – perfect for wearing under any makeup look! I don’t know about you, but I love products that are a one-stop-shop. Why apply a moisturizer and a makeup primer when I can get all of the same results in one!? My skincare routine thanks me and yours will too.

I’d love to hear about your fave beauty products in the comments section. Have you tried Olay’s Luminous Whip Face Moisturizer? If so, you can share your results using the #feelthewhip! I would love to hear how it’s worked for you.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Xoxo -E

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